May 15

The King of Comics!

There’s one place I really want to go to for a field trip. It has lots of education,but still is distinguished. There’s reading,chemical names and disasters,and real eminent people. It’s called “King of Great Comics”,Comic-Con. Educational and exciting!

According to Comic-Con,it is distinguished,since you can see famous people from movies,TV Shows,etc. Also you can wear costumes,like superheroes and super villains! As a matter of fact,Galactus was the most known villain in all villains,terrorizing the galaxy until Ultron was made,killing half the Avengers. But lastly,the fans get what they need.

Although,it’s educational,since you can read the comics. At the same time,there are pragmatic people so you can learn about them. Or consider it being scientific,since it has radiation names and disasters,so if you see something radioactive,DON’T TOUCH IT!

That’s one place I really want to go to for a field trip. It involves tons of education! It may be educational,but still is distinguished. The King of Great Comics,Comic-Con. Educational and exciting.

April 8

Good Things Never Last Long

I missed the taste of snow,
and the feel of wind pushing me back.
But with Spring by my side,
It’s no SCHOOL again!

11-12 more weeks of school,
not much long!
I can’t wait for Summer,
But the waiting still begins.

I sat back and RELAXED
holding a PS3 controller in my hand,
Gourmet Race flowing through my ears.

I was in a videogame jail cell,
with Sackboy,Steve,Ghostbusters,Toro and more
standing with me side-by-side…
I wish the police never let me out!

Friday-Sunday was pretty great too!
I went to Tennessee,
I got to see the pyramid,
And the Mississippi River.

But somehow It’s gone
and maybe..JUST MAYBE!
It’ll come back again!

February 27

Mr. Dotterman

On Wednesday, it was SNOWING!
I look outside to see…
I heard the wind snap! This can’t be!

I then ran outside,
but in my suprise…
the snow started to rise
up to 3 feet high!

I then picked up the snow and then,
The bright snow whacking me in snow…
Such a mouthful i’d say!

My dad made a joke about it by singing,
“Do you Wanna Build a Snowman!?”
as I can hear Cameron laughing behind me.

My family played in the snow
for hours and hours.
Well until we got cold.
And I wished it was like this every day!

February 17

Admiration of a man

Martin Luther King Jr. was a famous man,until he died by James Earl Ray. “Darkness doesn’t give out brightness. Light brings out brightness.”- MLK. I admire Martin because he is selfless and wants equality for others,and that’s the famous man I admire most.
He is selfless for many reasons. It’s obvious that he helps the other people. For example,he made a speech for the calm of blacks and whites,so they won’t be separated. And,cares more for people, by making life safer and different. Most importantly,he thought non-violence was much more better than killing and pain.
Also he wanted equality for others. First,he wanted to stop war and fighting so the world will be more peaceful. Also he wanted to connect blacks and whites together. Finally he tried to be known by others.
Who knows,without him,will the world be different? So even if he’s a selfless spiritless man,he had equality for all. And that’s why I admire him the most.

October 22

The MARVELous Day

It all began a few months ago, July to be in fact, The Lego Marvel Wedding! Silence, silence and stillness filled the room until The wedding started. Red chairs, red ribbons, red everywhere! I heard someone talking before I fell asleep, as my eyes were getting heavier and heavier. “This is a real wedding, not a play even though we are in a stage, so don’t assume it’s fake.” I turned around to realize that it had begun.

“We shall cherish the loved and the loved ones, and the others for Jesus’s name.” I had my mind on everything else, instead of the wedding. A few minutes after that was the blessing. The wedding was just like every other wedding, instead it was in a play stage, not outside with flowers and metal chairs.

The wedding was over, sooner that I thought. I didn’t hear much of the mirthful celebration because very few people were decorating, which I assisted with. Surprising things can happen, but families can make it better!

September 3

About Me

Hello! I am Colin. I am going to tell everyone about me. It all started when I was a baby. I was a food-eating baby at that time. I started growing with lots siblings. My parents left each other years when I was about three or four but I was to young to even care. It took years to realize that I had another brother, a step-brother. That’s when I met both of my brothers together, Cameron and Skyler. As I got a little older my dad started getting a family back again. After that my ears started not listening to my parents, a lot! My first few weeks of having a family with me again, I became obsessed with animals, including cats. Years later I started getting lots of friends. Every day in school I talk to them and play with them. I started begging my parents for a Play Station 3, but I never got it. my dad always said “We don’t have the money for it” but he always joke around. On Christmas, I got a huge box but I was confused about it. Cameron and I opened the box and it was my life-long dream. I played with it ever since and I started getting new games and played CO-OP with him. and then I was            playing with my friends and online friends. I received cats and puppies for gifts and ever since my life got better and better. That’s when I started to like creepy things. And that’s my life.