April 8

Good Things Never Last Long

I missed the taste of snow,
and the feel of wind pushing me back.
But with Spring by my side,
It’s no SCHOOL again!

11-12 more weeks of school,
not much long!
I can’t wait for Summer,
But the waiting still begins.

I sat back and RELAXED
holding a PS3 controller in my hand,
Gourmet Race flowing through my ears.

I was in a videogame jail cell,
with Sackboy,Steve,Ghostbusters,Toro and more
standing with me side-by-side…
I wish the police never let me out!

Friday-Sunday was pretty great too!
I went to Tennessee,
I got to see the pyramid,
And the Mississippi River.

But somehow It’s gone
and maybe..JUST MAYBE!
It’ll come back again!

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