April 8

Good Things Never Last Long

I missed the taste of snow,
and the feel of wind pushing me back.
But with Spring by my side,
It’s no SCHOOL again!

11-12 more weeks of school,
not much long!
I can’t wait for Summer,
But the waiting still begins.

I sat back and RELAXED
holding a PS3 controller in my hand,
Gourmet Race flowing through my ears.

I was in a videogame jail cell,
with Sackboy,Steve,Ghostbusters,Toro and more
standing with me side-by-side…
I wish the police never let me out!

Friday-Sunday was pretty great too!
I went to Tennessee,
I got to see the pyramid,
And the Mississippi River.

But somehow It’s gone
and maybe..JUST MAYBE!
It’ll come back again!

September 3

About Me

Hello! I am Colin. I am going to tell everyone about me. It all started when I was a baby. I was a food-eating baby at that time. I started growing with lots siblings. My parents left each other years when I was about three or four but I was to young to even care. It took years to realize that I had another brother, a step-brother. That’s when I met both of my brothers together, Cameron and Skyler. As I got a little older my dad started getting a family back again. After that my ears started not listening to my parents, a lot! My first few weeks of having a family with me again, I became obsessed with animals, including cats. Years later I started getting lots of friends. Every day in school I talk to them and play with them. I started begging my parents for a Play Station 3, but I never got it. my dad always said “We don’t have the money for it” but he always joke around. On Christmas, I got a huge box but I was confused about it. Cameron and I opened the box and it was my life-long dream. I played with it ever since and I started getting new games and played CO-OP with him. and then I was            playing with my friends and online friends. I received cats and puppies for gifts and ever since my life got better and better. That’s when I started to like creepy things. And that’s my life.

May 10

My Favorite

This year my class had been reading two books named A Paradise Called Texasand Willow Creek Homes.There many trials throughout the book.The main people are Mina,Papa, Lissete, Comanches, and the Lipans.My favorite was when Papa brought supplies an there was a kitten in the wagon.She named the cat Shnurri (SHUNUREE) by the cat that she lived in Germany at Opa’s house.they left all the way to Texas because in Germany they had no land at all. All they got was 320 achers.

May 8

Hot Air Balloon


Today my class learned about The Re/Max hot air balloon.I learned as much as a I thought about the past thought to the present.The first thing I didn’t know was the hot air balloon was the first flying object ever invented until planes,jets,and blimps came after.Second,I didn’t know it was invented in the 1700s. My parents probably weren’t born!Third,I didn’t know the basketcould be bigger than a van or maybe an JV!Fourth I didn’t know they were invented in France!I don’t know how theycan be in USA Texas School!LAST but not least I didn’t know how they use,fly,when to land,land,and get off out of the basket.

January 11

Water Conservation Expository

You shouldn’t waste water because it is one thing you need to survive.You or animals could die when the water is all gone.If there’s no water there’s no land because cats,dogs,flowers,grass,butterflies,bees,and birds die without water  First,take a shower instead of a bath.Baths waste water,and it will make a flood.Next,without water people might die.When your parents die you might be alone.Never waste water or you will die in thirst!Finaly,a single flush can use about 5 gallons of water that could waste that mucch of water. Also that flush can make no land too.                                                                                                                                    I think no one should waste water.If you do no water will come out of anything.