February 7

Andrew Jhonson

He was born in poverty in Raleigh,  North Carolina

He was born in December 29, 1808

He was a vice presedent

Civil War concluded

Andrew Jhonson

Political Party-Democratic

Other Political affiliation-Nation Union

He died in July 31, 1875, Tennessee

He was the 17th president in the United States

January 14

2013 Christmas

On 12-25-13 I got to spend with my family. We played board games, such as Pick 5. Some questions were easy, hard, and things that hadn’t happen yet! In the middle of playing I got across questions that I can answer without anyone thinking! Then i quit playing and once i went upstairs,my brother Cameron shouted, “Time to open Presents!” Then once I came down we all arranged them in piles. “all I get is 3 gift cards,” my cousin Daylen shouted. As we opened our presents the Christmas feast was finished cooking. Cameron opened his last present as he found a Impossible World Maze. He gave it to me as I tried and tried until I found a cheating point to skip 2-9. Everyone started leaving at the end of the day,making Cameron and I both the only people here, so we decided to leave also. As we came back home,presents were sorted next to the fireplace. I found a huge Santa Sack and it took forever to get the object out! I pulled,and pulled until I flew to the ground with the object out. The object was as fluffy as a kitten. Once I got it it off of me I realized that it was a huge teddy bear. He was so fluffy,I found a name for him, Mr. Stufficans. Close before New Years Eve, my parents made me get dressed as the doorbell rang.Once I opened the door I was shocked as I found my grandpa that came all the way here in the bottom of the world up to my house. As we got in the car, I kept asking and asking,”Where are we going?” I took a while until Cameron answered. “We are going to have Christmas with Grandpa Charlie.” I was confused until I realized that. We waited a long time until everyone came. “I know what you’re going to get! I know what you’re going to get,” I remember my dad repeating before I left. Once everyone came,we opened presents. A lot of them were big and small. Everyone opened their sparkling presents until Cameron and I opened ours. “A Wii U!” We were excited to see our one out of all presents were the last one that was our favorite.

December 11

December 7,1941

People died and not many survived

Eight O:clock on December 7,1941


Radars detected attack


Harbor made into a memorial to the dead men

Anti-aircraft guns

Russia and England helped

Bombed by Japanese planes

One hundred five ships damaged

Remembered that day

October 28

Henry Hudson June 1611

Henry Hudson was hired to find the Northwest Passage.  He sailed to northern Canada in a ship called Discovery.  He thought he found his goal when he found a 450 mile long passageway.  It was called Hudson Strait bu him that led to a bay,calling it Hudson Bay.  Hudson kept on searching the shores for water routs to the Pacific Ocean. Discovery  froze in the snowy ice by the winter. Hudson and his crew spent the whole time in a hut. In June 1611,the weather warmed out and Hudson set sail again. His crew thought he was sailing back home,but he wasn’t. He was sailing west to continue searching for the Northwest Passage. His crew put Hudson,his son,and other lawyers on a boat,but without any oars,which left them stranded in the bay. They were never heard of again. I think they got stranded in the bay too long and died in the bay.



October 2

Should Every Kid Get a Trophy

I think everyone shouldn’t get a trophy because if someone isn’t trying,they shouldn’t get any.Also,they could lose their meaning,and stuff easily,like “Brush Your Teeth.”It’s not fair for everyone to get a trophy.Trophies are special,but for non-special people they shouldn’t get one.If you do that,you would probably get 1,000,000 trophies.If you’re not talented,you shouldn’t get a trophy.