September 3

About Me

Hello! I am Colin. I am going to tell everyone about me. It all started when I was a baby. I was a food-eating baby at that time. I started growing with lots siblings. My parents left each other years when I was about three or four but I was to young to even care. It took years to realize that I had another brother, a step-brother. That’s when I met both of my brothers together, Cameron and Skyler. As I got a little older my dad started getting a family back again. After that my ears started not listening to my parents, a lot! My first few weeks of having a family with me again, I became obsessed with animals, including cats. Years later I started getting lots of friends. Every day in school I talk to them and play with them. I started begging my parents for a Play Station 3, but I never got it. my dad always said “We don’t have the money for it” but he always joke around. On Christmas, I got a huge box but I was confused about it. Cameron and I opened the box and it was my life-long dream. I played with it ever since and I started getting new games and played CO-OP with him. and then I was            playing with my friends and online friends. I received cats and puppies for gifts and ever since my life got better and better. That’s when I started to like creepy things. And that’s my life.

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