October 22

The MARVELous Day

It all began a few months ago, July to be in fact, The Lego Marvel Wedding! Silence, silence and stillness filled the room until The wedding started. Red chairs, red ribbons, red everywhere! I heard someone talking before I fell asleep, as my eyes were getting heavier and heavier. “This is a real wedding, not a play even though we are in a stage, so don’t assume it’s fake.” I turned around to realize that it had begun.

“We shall cherish the loved and the loved ones, and the others for Jesus’s name.” I had my mind on everything else, instead of the wedding. A few minutes after that was the blessing. The wedding was just like every other wedding, instead it was in a play stage, not outside with flowers and metal chairs.

The wedding was over, sooner that I thought. I didn’t hear much of the mirthful celebration because very few people were decorating, which I assisted with. Surprising things can happen, but families can make it better!

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