February 17

Admiration of a man

Martin Luther King Jr. was a famous man,until he died by James Earl Ray. “Darkness doesn’t give out brightness. Light brings out brightness.”- MLK. I admire Martin because he is selfless and wants equality for others,and that’s the famous man I admire most.
He is selfless for many reasons. It’s obvious that he helps the other people. For example,he made a speech for the calm of blacks and whites,so they won’t be separated. And,cares more for people, by making life safer and different. Most importantly,he thought non-violence was much more better than killing and pain.
Also he wanted equality for others. First,he wanted to stop war and fighting so the world will be more peaceful. Also he wanted to connect blacks and whites together. Finally he tried to be known by others.
Who knows,without him,will the world be different? So even if he’s a selfless spiritless man,he had equality for all. And that’s why I admire him the most.

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