May 15

The King of Comics!

There’s one place I really want to go to for a field trip. It has lots of education,but still is distinguished. There’s reading,chemical names and disasters,and real eminent people. It’s called “King of Great Comics”,Comic-Con. Educational and exciting!

According to Comic-Con,it is distinguished,since you can see famous people from movies,TV Shows,etc. Also you can wear costumes,like superheroes and super villains! As a matter of fact,Galactus was the most known villain in all villains,terrorizing the galaxy until Ultron was made,killing half the Avengers. But lastly,the fans get what they need.

Although,it’s educational,since you can read the comics. At the same time,there are pragmatic people so you can learn about them. Or consider it being scientific,since it has radiation names and disasters,so if you see something radioactive,DON’T TOUCH IT!

That’s one place I really want to go to for a field trip. It involves tons of education! It may be educational,but still is distinguished. The King of Great Comics,Comic-Con. Educational and exciting.

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